Are You “Living Music”? Are You Living Your Life Like “Living Music”?

The way love—and not fear—moves you, and moves through you, is your true destiny.

When you don’t add fear to love’s force, your life unfolds unimpeded, and each day is a flowering of your deepest gifts. At work, with your family and friends, and even alone, each moment comes more to life as it springs from the depths of your heart.

How can you allow your true destiny to unfold? Allow your breath to be full, strong, and tender. Relax your muscles. Open your senses. Feel the world around you. From your deep heart and soft belly, offer love outward in all directions as far as you can. Your true destiny unfolds when you live every moment like this, opening yourself, shining as an offering of love.

However, if you add fear to your life—as most people do—then your moments take the shape of your cringe. Anxiety about money clips the artistry of your career. Fear of loss stifles honesty in your relationship and opening to your lover. Your gut tenses more and more in proportion to the amount to the life around you that feel you need to reject in order to maintain your equilibrium, keep the stress in your life “manageable” (which means keep yourself and your emotions manageable), and avoid out of fear of being overwhelmed or flooded.

Fear is the opposite of love.

Few men or women live their true destiny. Most follow a trajectory bent by fear.

Your true destiny is lived by giving everything and loving open without waiting.

If you wait to open fully, then your heart aches as your life contorts and knots up in the shape of your chosen consolations. Your TV and music and Internet habits and bedtime rituals can assuage your pangs of unlived love for a while, but your heart’s pain of closure slowly accumulates until it’s unbearable.

Sometimes crisis exposes your heart fully open. Your business unexpectedly fails. Your child becomes terminally ill.

Stripped like this of what you most cherish, you are left out in the open, unprotected, unguarded, with nothing to lose anymore, nothing left to hold onto.

One way or another, you will be forced to face the truth: everything you acquire is eventually lost. Every body you hold eventually dies. You have been waiting to give your deepest gifts, waiting to love and invest safely without the possibility of loss or rejection. You have been holding back while your life—everyone’s life—passes. You have traded in your true destiny for one of false comforts and muted agony.

If you are afraid, if you are waiting for more comfort or security, if you are holding back your gifts or closing down your love, then feel your act of closure fully—feel the tension in your muscles, the clenching in your jaw, the hardening of your heart—in short, the wasting of your life.

Fully feel and recognize fear’s shape in your muscles, emotions, and life choices.

Feel the brightness of the moment and your life being constrained by your apprehensiveness.

At any time you can stop this and stop wasting time. You can start opening fully right now, in this moment. You can intentionally breathe open as the full truth: Love is who you are. This moment is as open and loving as you are willing to be.

All of your tense and guarded moments are life wasted.

The choice is yours in every moment. You are free to continue holding the shape of a false and muted consoling lifestyle. It only costs you your life.

– David Deida (well, mostly), abridged and adapted from his book “Blue Truth,” pp. 8-9


The wind blows where it wills, and you can hear the sound it makes, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” – John 3:8


Song Of A Man Who Has Come Through” – D. H Lawrence

Not I, not I, but the wind that blows through me!
A fine wind is blowing the new direction of Time.
If only I let it bear me, carry me if only it carry me!
If only I am sensitive, subtle, oh, delicate, a winged gift!
If only, most lovely of all, I yield myself and am borrowed
By the fine, fine wind that takes its course through the chaos of the world
Like a fine, an exquisite chisel, a wedge-blade inserted;
If only I am keen and hard like the sheer tip of a wedge
Driven by invisible blows,
The rock will split, and we shall come at the wonder, we shall find the Hesperides.

Oh, for the wonder that bubbles into my soul,
I would be a good fountain, a good well-head,
Would blur no whisper, spoil no expression.

What is the knocking?
What is the knocking at the door in the night?
It is somebody wants to do us harm.

No, no, it is the three strange angels.
Admit them, admit them.


Living Music” – Rumi

Every minute
for sixty years
and not for one second
has this flowing
toward me
& through me
stopped or slowed.

I deserve nothing.
Yet I recognize
that I am the guest
the mystics speak of.
Everything I do
is for my Host:
living music plays through me.


Again, the way love—and not fear—moves us, and moves through us, is our true destiny.

How many people do you know who living out their true destiny?

How many people do you know who are fiercely committed to living and loving this way?

Are you?

And if not, why? What are you waiting for? What would it take for you to live this way?

What would you have to lose? What would have to be taken from you?

What do you think it would it take to “wake” you up and prompt you to carpe more of the diem, seize more of the day, and live with more passion and intensity and depth?

Your thoughts and comments and any sign of sentient life in the on-line universe are all greatly appreciated. 🙂

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About John

I am a married, 46-year old, Midwesterner, with four children. My primary interest is in leading a very examined and decent and Loving life; my interests that are related to this and that feed into this include (and are not limited to) -- psychology, philosophy, poetry, critical thinking, photography, soccer, tennis, chess, bridge.
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