How to Become a Genius in Life

I posted on one of my other blogs today — “How to Become a Genius in Life” (or: “Life Is Not Hard Because You Are Doing It Wrong, Life Is Just Hard”) — neither is Love!  Enjoy!


About John

I am a married, 46-year old, Midwesterner, with four children. My primary interest is in leading a very examined and decent and Loving life; my interests that are related to this and that feed into this include (and are not limited to) -- psychology, philosophy, poetry, critical thinking, photography, soccer, tennis, chess, bridge.
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2 Responses to How to Become a Genius in Life

  1. granbee says:

    Realizing life is just hard, no matter what, is a true sign of genius, I think!

    • John says:

      Exactly…and the next step is realizing that life is hard enough as is and that we ought to try not to make it any harder than it already is by adding ignorance/stupidity or cowardice/unnecessary fear to gthe mix!

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