One of the Main Reasons We Run Away from Love . . .

I posted this on one of my other blogs today–several excerpts from Krishnamurti (one of my FAVORITE thinkers!) and then a few words of my own as well.  Please check out the post and see if any of it resonates with you–or even offends.  Being offended can be a good thing too if it leads to thinking and deeper understanding of one’s own perspective.

“Only in relationship can you know yourself, not in abstraction and certainly not in isolation. The movement of behavior is the sure guide to yourself. It is the mirror of your consciousness: the mirror will reveal its content, the images, the attachments, the fears, the loneliness, the joys and sorrow. Poverty lies in running away from this. . . .” – Krishnamurti

One of the main reasons we run away from Love is because we can’t (don’t want to) handle the truth about ourselves.  Seeing ourselves as we are is too blinding, makes us feel bad, undone, not good; and we would rather feel good and comfortable, than actually be good and have to go through a lot of discomfort in order to get there. . . .

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About John

I am a married, 46-year old, Midwesterner, with four children. My primary interest is in leading a very examined and decent and Loving life; my interests that are related to this and that feed into this include (and are not limited to) -- psychology, philosophy, poetry, critical thinking, photography, soccer, tennis, chess, bridge.
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2 Responses to One of the Main Reasons We Run Away from Love . . .

  1. mountainmae says:

    That will take some pondering.

    • John says:

      Wonderful! That is one of the aims of this blog and what I write and share here–to provoke pondering, a deeper level of reflection, food for that sort of thought.

      Thank you for reading and for commenting, MountainMae 🙂

      Kindest regards,


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