So very true!

Dr Bill Wooten

When we count our many blessings;
it isn’t hard to see
that life’s most valued treasures
are the treasures that are free.
For it isn’t what we own or buy
that signifies our wealth.
It’s the special gifts that have no price;
our family, friends and health.”

~ author unknown


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About John

I am a married, 46-year old, Midwesterner, with four children. My primary interest is in leading a very examined and decent and Loving life; my interests that are related to this and that feed into this include (and are not limited to) -- psychology, philosophy, poetry, critical thinking, photography, soccer, tennis, chess, bridge.
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7 Responses to Treasures

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  2. That is a lovely reiteration of what we need to hold an awareness about but seldom do. We are conditioned to attach value to all that to which others do. We hanker after what the others are running after. In this life long race which we run to acquire all that which is not ours, we forget about all those treasures that we already possess.

    What could we do to shift ourselves out of such irony?


    • John says:

      Hello Shakti, thank you for reading and responding. And my top suggestion in response to what you asked is: for people to slow down and spend more time in quiet reflection/contemplation, and to read better books — books of a philosophical, spiritual, psychological, religious nature, and even poetry. Books that make you think and bring you back to the basics.

  3. sachin says:

    Nice lines… love is a universal religion which must be embraced by everyone to have peace n prosperity in d world!!!

  4. travel blogs says:

    This blog gives a beautiful explanation about love. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog. I like this blog!! ❤

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