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Love & Conscience: Some of my favorite Martin Luther King Jr quotes

 To actually genuinely love another person requires that we have a well-developed conscience.  Without a conscience we may feel affection for another, we may say we love another, but we will not actually treat another with love, respect, goodness, appreciation, … Continue reading

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Why Are You In the Relationships You Are In? (On “Right Relationship” . . . For the Bluebird in Your Soul)

Why are you in the relationships you are in? Convenience? Because they’re fun and they make you feel good about yourself and being you? Because the other person supports and accepts and salves you? Why do you choose to let … Continue reading

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How Free Are Any of Us Really To Choose Love over Fear or What’s Truly Good for Us over What Feels Good and Only Temporarily So?

“The truth is that we are not yet free; we have merely achieved the freedom to be free.” – Nelson Mandela The following is abridged and adapted (meaning I’ve edited the heck out of it and added to it and … Continue reading

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