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Positive Peace versus Negative Peace: A Few Quotes & Excerpts on How Real Peace and Understanding Might Actually Be Achieved

(or—How to Distinguish Those Who Really Are Trying to Promote True Peace from Those Who Are Merely Seeking Comfort, Escape, and the Appearance of Peace) . . Peace is a nebulous word, having at least *two* definitions. And the way … Continue reading

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Feeding Your FOOL versus Feeding Your CONSCIENCE

. This post is in response to a post on another blog I read and follow–http://momastery.com/blog/2012/12/12/to-all-the-confounders/ . “I must learn to love the fool in me–the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes … Continue reading

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It changes EVERYTHING!

There seems to be a double standard at the heart of most intimate relationships, and that is that we tend to consistently expect the best for ourselves while not nearly as often expecting the best out of ourselves. We want our … Continue reading

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How To Fall In Love Again (updated 1/10/12)

“I have no way of knowing whether or not you married the wrong person. But I do know that if you treat the wrong person like the right person, you could well end up having married the right person after … Continue reading

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