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Scattered Thoughts—Why I Write Such Lengthy Posts; Pride; Intimacy; Depth of Thinking & Real Change; The Holy Relationship; and The Active Soul

First off, my inner-Nietzsche really wanted to subtitle part of this entry “Why I Write Such Excellent and Lengthy Posts,” but I thought that doing so might be potentially a bit too off-putting to some (considering I don’t really know … Continue reading

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Real Love, Gratitude & The True Joy of Life

It’s easy to say “I love you” to another—easier, typically, than behaving or being truly loving to another. But the only way to truly prove those words—“I love you”—to prove our love for another—is by examining our behavior—by looking at … Continue reading

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What Is “Love”?

“What is love?” (lowercase “l”) “What is Love?” This is one of the most fundamental and important questions for us each to ask ourselves if we are to truly grow and evolve as persons and transcend ourselves and our conditioning. … Continue reading

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