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The Serenity Prayer, Self-Acceptance & Self-Care, and Discernment

. DISCERNMENT.  (Noun.)  A core component of wisdom.  The ability to make fine yet profound/crucial distinctions; the ability to see (comprehend) more clearly what is unclear and obscure. The Serenity Prayer (as it applies to ourselves) God, grant me the … Continue reading

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Changing Yourself & Growing *IS* the Essence of Loving Yourself in a Healthy Way

. I read this on another blog a few days ago . . . You do not have to change in order to love yourself. You have to love yourself in order to change. That means embracing yourself completely, right … Continue reading

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Being “Loving” v being “Lovable”

Which comes first? – being Loving or being lovable? Do we have to love ourselves and see ourselves as lovable before we are able to love others? And what does “loving” ourselves mean in this context? Is it a feeling … Continue reading

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