A Love Story in Pictures — Taylor Morris & Danielle Kelly

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I recently came across the story online of this incredible young couple, Taylor Morris & Danielle Kelly, and I wanted to share the site I originally found the story on as well as other sites I found while looking more into their story.

And so for further details and to read more about their story (and to see more of their story) you can do so by clicking the following links—





from Tim Dodd Photography—





from cedarfalls.patch.com—

“Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly On Life After the Bomb Blast: It Took His Limbs But Not His Spirit”


from the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier online (wcfcourier.com)—

“Cedar Valley Iowa Shows Love for Taylor Morris at Lt. Dan Concert”—


“Disabled sailor Taylor Morris meets President Obama”—


there is a YouTube Channel documenting Taylor Morris’s recovery—


from HuffingtonPost.com—

“Taylor Morris, Quadruple Amputee, Dances With Girlfriend Danielle Kelly”


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