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Commentary on “The Success Indicator” by MaryEllen Tribby

. . The chart above is a chart that I have recently seen reblogged on a couple of blogs I follow Part of Love–part of what distinguishes becoming a more genuinely Loving human being from becoming merely a kinder … Continue reading

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Why Peace Is Difficult (If Not Impossible)

Begin by drawing a circle. Outside of the circle, begin a list of everything you don’t like, that irks you, that spins you out or floods you emotionally; everything that is contrary to your tastes, preferences, temperament, beliefs, principles; everything … Continue reading

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Criticism, Critical Thinking, and Love

. One of the running themes throughout all of my blogs and many blog posts has been encouraging anyone who reads or strays across these posts and pages to try and lead as examined and reflective a life as possible. … Continue reading

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