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Are You in a Conscious or an Unconscious Relationship?

Our intimate relationships and friendships (even family relationships between adults) can be characterized as being either conscious or unconscious. A conscious relationship is organized around two people’s highest values and principles; it is governed by their consciences, by their sense … Continue reading

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Real Love, Gratitude & The True Joy of Life

It’s easy to say “I love you” to another—easier, typically, than behaving or being truly loving to another. But the only way to truly prove those words—“I love you”—to prove our love for another—is by examining our behavior—by looking at … Continue reading

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Being “Loving” v being “Lovable”

Which comes first? – being Loving or being lovable? Do we have to love ourselves and see ourselves as lovable before we are able to love others? And what does “loving” ourselves mean in this context? Is it a feeling … Continue reading

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