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Are You *Ready* for a Relationship?

Good relationships don’t happen by “accident.” They’re not just based on chemical attraction, projection, and mutual intoxication that just happens to last for years and years. Good relationships require something more: they require fundamentally good and decent people. When two … Continue reading

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Differentiation, Love, and Living with Integrity

. Many people appear to think that living with integrity means living in alignment with their feelings. That if they feel a certain way about someone or something, then “integrity” requires that they act in a way that is in … Continue reading

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Krishnamurti on What it Means to Actually Be Truly in Relationship With Another

What does it mean to be related to another? Yes, the speaker is asking the question, but, please, we are thinking together about it. If you are married, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend or what have you, how … Continue reading

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