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How to Know If You Are REALLY Ready For a Real Relationship

How do you know if you are (or your partner is) really ready for a REAL relationship. Condition 1: You have strong feelings or a strong sense of attraction for another. You are infatuated with him or her. You are … Continue reading

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The Seven Qualities of an Ideal Partner – How Many of These Characteristics Do You Have?

— And how many of these are you currently striving to develop and improve in? . (*The *majority* of this post is pulled verbatim from an article on another site — PsychAlive.org — titled “Seven Qualities of an Ideal Partner” by Tamsen … Continue reading

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Being In Love and Being Loving Are Two Different Things

There are basically two kinds of couples: Those who have strong enough character and enough emotional maturity to work at the inevitable difficulties of marriage and long-term relationships. And those who don’t. Being in love and being loving are two … Continue reading

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