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Why Peace Is Difficult (If Not Impossible)

Begin by drawing a circle. Outside of the circle, begin a list of everything you don’t like, that irks you, that spins you out or floods you emotionally; everything that is contrary to your tastes, preferences, temperament, beliefs, principles; everything … Continue reading

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Perspective: “First-World Problems” (or “How to Raise a Kid Who Isn’t Whiny & Annoying”)

I’m reposting a very insightful article that one of my cousins shared a few days ago on her facebook page.  The Huffington Post ran the article, titled “How to Raise a Kid Who Isn’t Whiny and Annoying,” by Lyz Lenz. … Continue reading

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Self-Acceptance (& Which of Our Possible Selves to Accept)

“Your god-self does not dwell alone in your being.  Much in you is still man, and much in you is not yet man, but a shapeless pygmy that walks asleep in the mist searching for its own awakening.” – Kahlil … Continue reading

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The Serenity Prayer, Self-Acceptance & Self-Care, and Discernment

. DISCERNMENT.  (Noun.)  A core component of wisdom.  The ability to make fine yet profound/crucial distinctions; the ability to see (comprehend) more clearly what is unclear and obscure. The Serenity Prayer (as it applies to ourselves) God, grant me the … Continue reading

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